[KOREA] ✈ Planning Our 1st Winter Vacation


As you know, travelling to Korea has been on my bucket list ever. Well, I’m glad that I finally made it to Korea for the 1st time with my loved one. We booked our flight tickets from AirAsia & Asiana Airline back in February’19. My valentine’s gift from him We happily embarked on a 10D9N trip to Seoul-JeJu, lasting from 26th Dec 2019 to 04th Jan 2020.

| Preparation & How I plan my Korea Trip |

As you guys might be wondering how long is the trip, what to wear, what’s the weather, because I am the one who have many question marks before planning a trip.  Here’s everything you need to know before your trip and some very good tips to share it out to all of you.

Before I start with all the preparation and tips. Just a quick shout out to Korea Tourism Organization (KTO) who sent me the super worth travel guidebooks with tons of discount coupons. You can make use of this discount coupons in different areas such as Seoul, Incheon, Jeju, Busan, etc.

Everyone can get this coupon book for FREE and a T-Money card (No money inside the card and applicable for Malaysian passport holder!)  It makes my trip so worth it. Quickly get one copy for yourself, just click here to redeem your coupon book!

While planning for my itinerary, I also check on Korea Tourism Organization Facebook Account (click here) about the latest place to visit, weather or news about Korea. Really useful and I recommended you guys to check it before heading over to Korea. Couldn’t be lazy to plan a DIY trip.

 Travelling Period & Weather

We make use of the long weekend to firm up on our year-end countdown holidays. Our criteria are simple, it must have SNOW ❆❆ ! Truth be told, this is our first winter vacation. I studied and did some research on the weather. Each year, the first snowfall in Seoul happens in late November or early December. BUT South Korea had the least recorded snowfall in year 2019 ☹.

Nevertheless, the weather is killing us slowly. It is around -1 ~ -11°C during this trip. We were also received a cold wave alert from Korean Government on Day 6 of our trip. These alerts are pretty much common in Korean. Kampung kia 😆 

Travel Tips: To survive in this kind of freezing cold weather, remember to get yourself some heat pads, glove and ultra-warm heattech top & leggings (You can get from Uniqlo).

How to get connected in Korea?

You may purchase a local SIM card from the airport or in Korea itself. However, I would suggest you to rent a pocket WIFI, so-called WIFI egg as it’s more affordable and can be shared between multiple devices.  We had pre-booked a pocket WIFI from Roamingman and pick it up at KLIA2 (behind check in luggage row Y) before the flight. It is very convenient and easy to connect as soon as you touch down in Korea.

Transportation Subway in Seoul 

In Korea, the first thing you want to do is to get a T-Money Card. It works the same ways as our Touch N Go which is a reloadable card can use it anywhere in South Korea to ride the subway, public buses, taxis and even to buy stuff at convenience stores.  In addition to the convenience, each ride is actually cheaper with the T-Money Card.

Seoul’s expansive subway system is the third largest in the world. It looks intimidating when I look at the subway map. Luckily, In this tech-friendly age, you will have an app for travelling in Korea that make your trip easy and convenient. There are tons of apps to choose from. My most used free apps have been: Kakao Metro and Naver Maps.  The apps can even tell you how many stops, where to transfer, how long it will take, and the fare costs. 

Each station stems into several routes that lead to exits that are far apart. There are a lot of stairs to go up and down, nightmares !  So, better to check the map displayed near the gates to make sure you’re taking the right exit.

Travel Tips: Google Map’s driving and walking directions don’t work in South Korea. This is mainly due to the country’s security laws on the exportation of local mapping and military geographical information to foreign companies.

Other Travel Apps

Beside above-mentioned, there are other ways online to get discounts and coupons for attractions in Seoul and Jeju. Personally, I used KLOOK for admission ticket of N Seoul Tower, Everland, Vivaldi Park, Hanbok, etc.

Not only will you find many Seoul & Jeju attractions and services in this app, all your bookings and vouchers are also stored in here for easy access; it is also very convenient to use as well with detailed address and info about how to go there.

Pay more attention to those travel fairs that could bring your trip into a foolproof. KLOOK Travel Fest – Malaysia’s first mobile-driven travel fest, one of the biggest travel fairs in 2019 we explored to and grabbed some awesome deals.

With all these, now you can plan your travel properly!

Thanks for reading. 🙂

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