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[KOREA] ✈ Planning Our 1st Winter Vacation Fri, 15 May 2020 08:17:50 +0000 Continue Reading...]]> Annyeonghaseyo!  

As you know, travelling to Korea has been on my bucket list ever. Well, I’m glad that I finally made it to Korea for the 1st time with my loved one. We booked our flight tickets from AirAsia & Asiana Airline back in February’19. My valentine’s gift from him ♥ ♥ We happily embarked on a 10D9N trip to Seoul-JeJu, lasting from 26th Dec 2019 to 04th Jan 2020.

| Preparation & How I plan my Korea Trip |

As you guys might be wondering how long is the trip, what to wear, what’s the weather, because I am the one who have many question marks before planning a trip.  Here’s everything you need to know before your trip and some very good tips to share it out to all of you.

Before I start with all the preparation and tips. Just a quick shout out to Korea Tourism Organization (KTO) who sent me the super worth travel guidebooks with tons of discount coupons. You can make use of this discount coupons in different areas such as Seoul, Incheon, Jeju, Busan, etc.

Everyone can get this coupon book for FREE and a T-Money card (No money inside the card and applicable for Malaysian passport holder!)  It makes my trip so worth it. Quickly get one copy for yourself, just click here to redeem your coupon book!

While planning for my itinerary, I also check on Korea Tourism Organization Facebook Account (click here) about the latest place to visit, weather or news about Korea. Really useful and I recommended you guys to check it before heading over to Korea. Couldn’t be lazy to plan a DIY trip.

 Travelling Period & Weather

We make use of the long weekend to firm up on our year-end countdown holidays. Our criteria are simple, it must have SNOW ❆❆ ! Truth be told, this is our first winter vacation. I studied and did some research on the weather. Each year, the first snowfall in Seoul happens in late November or early December. BUT South Korea had the least recorded snowfall in year 2019 ☹.

Nevertheless, the weather is killing us slowly. It is around -1 ~ -11°C during this trip. We were also received a cold wave alert from Korean Government on Day 6 of our trip. These alerts are pretty much common in Korean. Kampung kia 😆 

Travel Tips: To survive in this kind of freezing cold weather, remember to get yourself some heat pads, glove and ultra-warm heattech top & leggings (You can get from Uniqlo).

How to get connected in Korea?

You may purchase a local SIM card from the airport or in Korea itself. However, I would suggest you to rent a pocket WIFI, so-called WIFI egg as it’s more affordable and can be shared between multiple devices.  We had pre-booked a pocket WIFI from Roamingman and pick it up at KLIA2 (behind check in luggage row Y) before the flight. It is very convenient and easy to connect as soon as you touch down in Korea.

Transportation Subway in Seoul 

In Korea, the first thing you want to do is to get a T-Money Card. It works the same ways as our Touch N Go which is a reloadable card can use it anywhere in South Korea to ride the subway, public buses, taxis and even to buy stuff at convenience stores.  In addition to the convenience, each ride is actually cheaper with the T-Money Card.

Seoul’s expansive subway system is the third largest in the world. It looks intimidating when I look at the subway map. Luckily, In this tech-friendly age, you will have an app for travelling in Korea that make your trip easy and convenient. There are tons of apps to choose from. My most used free apps have been: Kakao Metro and Naver Maps.  The apps can even tell you how many stops, where to transfer, how long it will take, and the fare costs. 

Each station stems into several routes that lead to exits that are far apart. There are a lot of stairs to go up and down, nightmares !  So, better to check the map displayed near the gates to make sure you’re taking the right exit.

Travel Tips: Google Map’s driving and walking directions don’t work in South Korea. This is mainly due to the country’s security laws on the exportation of local mapping and military geographical information to foreign companies.

Other Travel Apps

Beside above-mentioned, there are other ways online to get discounts and coupons for attractions in Seoul and Jeju. Personally, I used KLOOK for admission ticket of N Seoul Tower, Everland, Vivaldi Park, Hanbok, etc.

Not only will you find many Seoul & Jeju attractions and services in this app, all your bookings and vouchers are also stored in here for easy access; it is also very convenient to use as well with detailed address and info about how to go there.

Pay more attention to those travel fairs that could bring your trip into a foolproof. KLOOK Travel Fest – Malaysia’s first mobile-driven travel fest, one of the biggest travel fairs in 2019 we explored to and grabbed some awesome deals.

With all these, now you can plan your travel properly!

Thanks for reading. 🙂

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Uniquely Decorated Cafes in Bangkok Worth Visiting: Lhong Tou Café Sun, 17 Feb 2019 12:58:51 +0000 Continue Reading...]]> Lhong Tou café 龙头 is one of the hidden cafés that worth visiting on your trip in Bangkok. What makes this café attract huge crowds and attentions for all instagrammer is their extreme cool interior design seating.  Despite the shop-house’s limited space, it packs plenty of tables into a climbing frame-like arrangement whereby diners sit at upper deck in what’s quickly becoming the most instagrammed seating arrangement of any Bangkok Café.

There is a queuing system machine – QUEQ at the entrance of the café. You get to choose the seats by clicking “upstairs” or “downstairs” when getting your queue number. By using QUEQ Apps, you will get a notification via mobile phone when approaching your queue. So, you don’t need to wait your queue at the storefront. Hahaha

Small Tip: The seating is very limited, especially if you want to sit at upper deck. So, it would be better to come during off peak hours if you don’t want to wait!

Must-Try: Chinese Breakfast Set (aka. TeoChew Porridge Set)  

When you step into the café, you will noticed that most of the customers will order this Chinese set. 1 bowl of porridge with 8 different side dishes such as chicken floss, salted egg yolk, sausage, boiled peanuts, etc. It would be your all time favorite. Simple but yet delicious breakfast ever!

Lhong Tou Cafe (1st Branch) |

538 Yaowarat Rd,
Khwaeng Samphanthawong, Khet Samphanthawong,
Krung Thep Maha Nakhon 10100, Thailand

Lhong Tou Cafe (2nd Branch) | 

Ground Floor, The Market Mall,
Ratchadamri Rd, Bangkok, Thailand

Website : 

Thanks for reading ! 🙂

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5D4N Full Itinerary to Hanoi, Vietnam Sun, 20 Jan 2019 06:00:55 +0000 Continue Reading...]]>

Flight Ticket

A 5D4N trip to Hanoi with AirAsia flight (2 ways) about RM400 inclusive of 20kg luggage. We purchased the flights during AirAsia Zero Air Fare promotion ya..

Weather in Hanoi

It’s summer in Hanoi. Extremely irritated by this kind of weather. Suggest to travel during November to April.

SIM Cards

Get yourself a local SIM card for your phone! The SIM card I got was from the telco brand Viettel. The card is costs 140,000 VND for 4GB of 4G speed.


We stayed at Angel Palace Hotel for 3 nights, which costs around MYR 180 per person a night (inclusive of breakfast).  Angel Palace Hotel is located along “HangBong old street. It’s a great place to stay if you want to be close to all the awesome sights, restaurants, and coffee shops.

Let’s start our full itinerary in Hanoi!!

DAY 1: KLIA2 – Noi Bai International Airport – Hotel Angel Palace Check-In – St.Joseph’s Cathedral – Hoam Kiem Lake

We arrived Noi Bai International Airport at 3pm, and picked up by driver to Angel Palace Hotel for check-in.  

Starting Our First Day in Hanoi

Visit St.Joseph’s Cathedral

It is situated right beside Hoan Kiem Lake, and is suitable for a quick stopover for a photo. This Gothic-style church is a popular landmark in the city. 

St.Joseph’s Cathedral |
Location: 40 Nhà Chung, Hàng Trống, Hoàn Kiếm, Hà Nội 100000, Vietnam
Entrance Fee: Free

Walk Around Hoam Kiem Lake

After a quick photo stop at St.Joseph Cathedral, take a long stroll at Hoan Kiem Lake.

This lake whose name means “Lake of the Returned Sword” has hundred years of history and still remains the spiritual heart of Hanoi. This area is a place of peace and calm in the midst of the frenetic city. If you get there early enough, you will see people go for runs or gather for a class of Tai Chi to start the day. During the weekends, all the vehicles are prohibited from driving around the roads of the lake to free up space for pedestrians.

Hoàn Kiếm Lake |
Location: Hàng Trống, Hoàn Kiếm, Hanoi, Vietnam
Entrance Fee: Free

Day 2: Angel Palace Hotel – Bai Tu Long Bay

We departed to in 7am early morning as there is about 2 hours drives from town to Bai Tu Long Bay. Check it out the details of 2D1N Bai Tu Long Bay itinerary ⇒

Day 3: Bai Tu Long Bay – Angel Palace Hotel – Highlands Coffee House – Thang Long Water Puppet Show- Ta Hien Beer Street

Coffee moments at Highlands Coffee House

Must Drink! Vietnam’s coffee culture is known around the world and it’s something you absolutely have to experience while you’re here.

Highlands Coffee House |

Go to Thang Long Water Puppet Show

Must see!  This is something you don’t want to miss as it plays a significant part in Vietnamese heritage and culture. The show is about 1 hour long and is made up of 17 performances that are accompanied by traditional musical instruments.

Recommended to check out the schedule before heading to there.

Múa Rối Nước Thang Long Water Puppet |
Location: 57B, Dinh Tien Hoang Str, Hoan Kiem Dist, Hanoi, Vietnam
Ticket Price: 100,000 VND

Exploring Ta Hien Beer Street in Hanoi

After a long day of walking, a couple of cold beers is the obvious choice. It’s one of the most crowded streets in Old Quarter.  Other foreigners would like to sit in corner of the street and watch the daily life. 

Day 4:  West Lake – Tran Quoc Pagoda – Ho Chi Minh Mausoleum – The Temple of Literature

Hanoi’s largest lake – West Lake

If you think that Hoam Kiem Lake is huge, West lake will impress you even more with its size. Along this lake, you can find multiple restaurants and cafes to stop by and relax.

There is a 2-storey cafe was like a red boat docked at the pier – very eye-catching even from a distance. Oops, again…

Tran Quoc Pagoda

Our next stop, the oldest Buddhist temple in Hanoi, and is located on a small island in Hanoi’s West Lake. The area is peaceful and serene, with locals and tourists alike visiting the temple to pray.

Tran Quoc Pagoda |
Location: Thanh Niên, Trúc Bạch, Ba Đình, Hà Nội, Vietnam
Entrance Fee: Free

Visit Ho Chi Minh Mausoleum

After the lunch, catch a taxi to the Mausoleum of Ho Chi Minh. This huge gantlet complex in the middle of Ba Dinh Square should absolutely be part of your itinerary as it represents a big part of Vietnam’s history and culture. They have restricted opening hours on certain days, so make sure to plan your visit in advance.

Ho Chi Minh Mausoleum |
Location: 8 Hung Vuong Street, Dien Bien district, Ba Dinh Square

The Temple of Literature: A Monument to Education

It was actually the first University in Vietnam and is dedicated to Confucius and other famous scholars and teachers.

The Temple of Literature |
Location: 58 Quoc Tu Glam Street, Ba Dinh District
Entrance Fee: 20,000 VND

Day 5: Angel Palace Hotel Check-Out – Noi Bai International Aiport – KLIA2 

It’s time to say Goodbye to Hanoi. No activity planned as our flight was in the early morning. 


× Motorbike traffic in Hanoi is insane. If you’re tentative, then you’ll never cross the street. The secret to crossing the road in Hanoi is surprisingly simple – let them avoid you. It actually works! 

× Pay only in VND. There are many shops are accept payment in USD. Don’t do it. You’re losing money every time as the rates they give you are less favorable. 

× Bring the right power adapter. In Vietnam, the power plugs and sockets are of type A, C and D so be sure to bring the right power adapters for your devices. 

Thanks for reading ! ♥

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2D1N CRUISE IN BAI TU LONG BAY Sun, 11 Nov 2018 11:10:14 +0000 Continue Reading...]]> You will probably be pretty keen leave Hanoi after a day or two and the place to head to is HALONG BAY. In fact, there are 3 different bays : Halong, Bai Tu Long and La Han Bay And, We’ve done a 2D1N cruise in Bai Tu Long Bay with Swam Cruise.

Why is Bai Tu Long Bay?

Bai Tu Long Bay is the best alternative to Ha Long Bay with the same scenery and none of the crowds! There are thousands of limestone island rise from the sea, each differing size and shape. If you have the time, I definitely recommend the 3D2N option which you can get more time and just feel like you experience it at a nice, slow pace.

Getting to there  

We were picked up from our hotel in Hanoi, around 8:00am. The drive took about 4 hours with a break 15 minutes restroom / shopping stop at the Hong Ngoc Center.

The entry tickets into Halong Bay. It was included in our tour package. 

My Mr.Superman 😊

All the cruise boats are anchored far away from the jetty and we had to hop onto a shuttle boat to get there.

Let the cruise start!!

As soon as on board on the cruise, the lunch was served and the guide was introduced a list of activities for this trip. And, this is our wefie time!

After cursing a short way through Ha Long Bay, we arrived at Cap La Island. It’s kayaking time! This was Jordan and I’s first time kayaking together. It’s was like paradise and nature as it’s very best. However, the most excited things never end. It was heavily raining while we kayaked back to the boat, it is unforgettable. Hahahaha…

Back on the cruise after a full day’s activities, we closed out the evening of our first day in Bai Tu Long Bay with a sunset. Sitting on the sundeck watching the starry sky and enjoying the quiet.

A Special cooking lesson on board, where a group of us learned how to make traditional Vietnamese spring rolls. Eat non-stoooooop, even if we had just done our dinner! 

The sunrises are equally as gorgeous.  Jordan and I were awakened by the cold atmosphere, aromatic smell of the sea breeze and beautiful morning views. The quiet and stillness of the early morning made it feel like I was completely alone in the bay.

The first stop for the day was the Thien Canh Son Cave, which sits at a small island. We made our way up the pathway which leads to the entrance of the cave that is set on the stone cliff.

We left the cave for the beach right before the crowd started flowing in.

Goodbye, Serenity!

We climb back aboard our cruise one last time to check out of the cabin with an accompanying a la carte lunch. The moment we started to head back to the harbor, we started to miss our peaceful Bai Tu Long Bay. The quiet, nature and breathtaking views are unforgettable.   

Swan Cruises |


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HAIL’S DESSERT & SOFT SERVE CAFE Sun, 16 Sep 2018 08:46:31 +0000 Continue Reading...]]>

Dessert time ! Last weekend, Jordan and I went to Pavilion for our 3rd years anniversary celebration. After the dinner, we had decided to stop by Hail’s Dessert & Soft Serve Cafe. It’s located at 6th floor in Pavilion.

The staff was recommended their signature drinks – Dreamy Blue Milk Tea & Rose Pink Milk Tea.

The taste is smooth and doesn’t sweet at all. Definitely suitable for the people who don’t like sweet beverage.

Another Must-Try signature – Gula Melaka Blue Waffle.

Love their soft serve ice cream on top of the crispy waffle, it is best match ! Yumm…

Hail’s Dessert & Soft Serve Cafe |

Pavilion, KL Branch :
Lot. P6.08.00, Level 6, Pavilion, Kuala Lumpur.
Phone : 03-2110 2885

Damansara Uptown Branch: 
No. 28, Jalan SS21/58, Damansara Utama
47400 Petaling Jaya, Malaysia
Phone: 03-7732 7077

Facebook : Hail’s Desserts

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Chocolate Ville – Most Romantic Theme Restaurant in Bangkok Fri, 14 Sep 2018 16:42:36 +0000 Continue Reading...]]>

The most popular and romantic place recently in Bangkok would be Chocolate Ville. Chocolate Ville has nothing to do with chocolate nor it is a chocolate factory. It is actually a themed dining park restaurant in a European town-inspired village. There is nothing about Thai here except the food!

With its beautiful scenery, the place is ideal for relaxation and for taking a break from busy urban life. It’s operates daily, from 4pm to midnight. I strongly advise that you make reservations if you are keen to dine at Chocolate Ville as the entire place get filled up pretty quickly. We waited a seat around 1 hours. ☹

Other than food, it is great spot for photography. You can take as many photos as you can, especially during evening time.

There is a tower in the middle of the park. Everyone can go up to catch a panoramic view of the park. It was so gorgeous.      

The night view of the park is even more beautiful with lights lit up everywhere.

How to get there?

Chocolate Ville is located at the outskirt of Bangkok city, about 30-45 minutes’ drive from Bangkok city. You cannot reach the place with any express train such as BTS or MRT. Recommended to take a taxi with a map / address in Thai language to show to the taxi driver because not many knows this place if you were to just tell them verbally.  And no worries about getting a taxi back to the city center. The staffs will assist you to call a taxi if you request it from the counter.

Chocolate Ville | 
Soi Nawamin 74, Yak 3-8, Kaset-Nawamin Road,
Klong Kum Subdistrict, Bueng Kum District, Bangkok, Thailand.
Phone: +66 81 921 2016
Website :

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5 Fun Activities Must Do in Langkawi Sun, 02 Sep 2018 05:35:04 +0000 Continue Reading...]]>
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01 | Jet-Ski Island Hopping

The highlight of our Langkawi trip definitely was Jet-Ski! Why not try something different? Just spend an exciting 3 or 4 hours exploring up to 8 beautiful islands of Langkawi on your own Jet-Ski rather than to wait a queue for a tourist boat. Extremely fulfilled our purpose of this trip – Free and Easy where you can have a self-drive. There are few companies running jet ski tours, and we had pre-booked a 3 hours Jet-Ski Tour (Morning Session) from Seeman Water Sport. They’ve been running these tours for a number of years and a quick google search will already tell you that they have a great record. No experience with riding Jet-Ski? No Worry! Everyone will get an easy to understand the safety briefing and instructional on how to riding it, before the tours begin.    


Seeman Water Sport (Main Office) |
No.5,1st Floor Cenang View Hotel, Jalan Pantai Cenang,
07000 Langkawi, Kedah Darul Aman, Malaysia.
Phone: 012-919 9014 / 019-336 9914

02 | Eagle Square @ Dataran Helang 

Eagle Square, is the most significant landmark in Langkawi. It is just a 5 minutes walk away from Kuah Jetty. It is a good spot for photography.

Eagle Square (Dataran Helang) |
Kuah, 07000 Langkawi, Kedah

03 | Langkawi Cable Car (SkyCab)

If you are afraid of heights, then this is going to cure you permanently. I am the one! Hahaha… The sky cab is the steepest in the world and also the longest free span for a mono-cable car. The total cable length is 4,400 meters from base station to the top station. There are 3 types of gondola (Normal, Bottom Glass, and VIP). If you are an extreme person, Bottom Glass Gondola is your best choice as the bottom of the gondola is transparent, you will have a clear view of the nature below. Sorry, I was very afraid and hold my boyfriend’s hands until his hands turn red! Oopss… Remember to bring a jacket, it’s cooler like in Genting Highlands.

04 | Langkawi Sky Bridge

Once you make it to the top, you are rewarded with the most stunning view of Langkawi. You will definitely enjoy this panoramic view of the main island as well as the many surrounding islands. You must go towards to the ticket counter to purchase the entry fee to Sky Bridge. You can either to take Sky Glide or Jungle Walk to reach. Sky Bridge is the one of the Top 10 landmarks in Malaysia. In fact, it’s the most spectacular pedestrian bridges in the world. It is offers you breathtaking views of Langkawi!

05 | 3D Art Langkawi
If you like art and selfies, then 3D Art Museum is a Must Go Place to you. We were told how to experience the 3D art museum, including where to stand and how to pose. Very funny after you look at back your photos. Let these photos do the talking.

Panorama Langkawi, Cable Car Station |
Oriental Village, Burau Bay, 07000 Langkawi, Kedah Darul Aman, Malaysia.
Phone: 04-959 4225 / 1225

Thanks for reading ! 🙂

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LANGKAWI 3D2N TRIP Fri, 31 Aug 2018 20:00:58 +0000 Continue Reading...]]>

Hello Guys! Today I am going to blog about our free and easy trip in Langkawi. It was a 3D2N trip. We took a late flight to Langkawi due to the flight been rescheduled and delayed. We arrived Langkawi airport around 08:45 PM. Sighhh…

Don’t worry about transport in Langkawi! At the airport arrival hall, there is a row of counters offering car rental and travel packages within the island. For this trip, we were given a rate of RM140 (RM70/night). Special Offer due to last flight arrived Langkawi on that day. We got a Toyota Vois (Auto), I wouldn’t say the car condition was tip top but still acceptable with that price.

Where we stay?

The first challenge on planning a trip is choosing where to stay and which beach is best for you. In Langkawi, there are two main areas that visitors often choose to stay when coming to Langkawi: Pantai Cenang and Kuah. As we arrived late to Langkawi, we decided to book a budget hotel where nearby the airport for the 1st night.  

Day 1: Alia Residence Business Resort

Driving distance from Langkawi Airport to Alia Residence Business Resort is about 4 KM (approx. 5 minutes). Car park is available but limited! You have to park the car beside the road if late. We booked the room about RM 100 / per night inclusive of breakfast via If you are travelling for a budget trip, then this resort would be your choice. 

Alia Residence Business Resort |
Lot 954, Mukim Padang Matsirat, Kuala Teriang,
07100, Langkawi, Kedah Darul Aman, Malaysia.
Phone: 04-955 4848

Day 2: Camar Resort Hotel

Camar Resort Hotel is conveniently located in Pantai Tengah with a private beach area. The most attracted in our sight was their outdoor swimming pool. It’s the longest swimming pool in Langkawi. We booked a Lagoon Room where you could direct access to the pool ! The staffs are friendly and helpful. 

Breakfast Time…Hooray ! They serve the breakfast in buffet style as well as in Ala-carte. You can select your option of breakfast from the menu. The Restaurant is located beside of the beach, you can enjoy the view of beach while having the breakfast.


Camar Resort Langkawi |
60183, Jalan Pantai Tengah,
07000, Langkawi, Kedah Darul Aman, Malaysia
Phone: 04-9523 111

Check it out our next post on What to do in Langkawi.

Thanks for reading ! 🙂



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